Welcome to the High Strain Rate Laboratory at University College London (UCL). Our research deals with the structural and functional (performance) characterisation of engineering materials and structures across a broad range of scales. We are particularly interested in understanding how light-weight materials (mechanical metamaterials, micro-architectured lattices, composites, etc.) and structures (sandwich panels, bonded structures etc.) respond to unconventional loadings and how they may be designed, or used in combination, to withstand more arduous operating conditions; including dynamic loading, thermal and mechanical stresses, enhanced resistance to spall and shock without structural degradation. A major driver of our research work concerns the application of engineering solutions to improving the physical resilience of built systems to extreme load cases arising from malevolent actions, accidents or natural hazards. In addition, we also undertake collaborative research with our medical and life science colleagues to address biomedical-related problems.

We pursue our research using a combination of techniques - by exploiting computational, experimental and theoretical methods - and often in a collaborative arrangement. The majority of our research work is impact-driven; they can range from blue skies research, leaning towards fundamental modelling and computational work, through to translational research involving practical implementation issues and/or the production of design guidelines for practising engineers.

If you are interested in any aspects of our work, from collaborative research to undertaking a PhD in our group, please see Opportunities and Contact

Equivalent strains in single-edged notch stochastic lattice under 3-point bending

Perforation along grain of balsa wood panel by flat-tipped projectile

Fracture location in stochastic lattices of various cell irregularities (relative density = 0.05) at different mode mixities M