We provide a broad range of consultancy services relating, but not exclusively, to energy absorbing systems and light-weight protective structures/systems; quantitative risk analysis and assessments of safety-critical structures/systems; and, the functional characterisation of materials/structures.

Enquiries, including outreach requests and professional training, should be made to the Laboratory Director (PJ Tan) – see Contact.


Occasionally, depending on the availability of funds, there may be vacancies for a research fellow and/or PDRA. Applicants to these posts must have obtained, or submitted, their PhD in a field relevant to the advertised post and have a proven track record of research achievement supported by, at least, 1-2 publications in peer-reviewed international journals of good impact factor. Current opportunities are as follows:

   No Vacancies


Enquiries for PhD openings relevant to the research interests of the group are always welcome. You should ideally hold (or are expecting to receive) a UK-equivalent first-class/second-upper Bachelor, or a good Masters, degree from a reputable university. Please include a recent CV and transcript of examination results - it is not required to have your transcripts translated - in your email. If you’re self-funded, you should also include a brief, but viable, research plan with your email.

UCL Scholarships:
Information on UCL Graduate Research Scholarship (GRS) and, if applicable, the UCL-CSC (China Scholarship Council) scholarship, are found here. These scholarships are extremely competitive and only the best student from a top-rank university, graduating in the top 1-2% of their cohort, would have any chance of success. If you plan to apply to these, you must contact Dr. Tan by the first week of December, at the latest, for possible admission the following academic year - an academic year typically starts in late September - since it would involve an internal pre-selection, by the Department, before going forward for competition at Faculty and College-level.

PhD studentships (for UK/EU PASSPORT HOLDERS only):
To be eligible for the PhD studentships advertised below, you need to hold a UK/EU passport and, ideally, a first-class Bachelor/Masters degree. Speculative enquiries that do not meet the eligibility requirements will not receive a reply. Current opportunities are as follows:


There is no funding to support internship and exchange students. Applicants must ensure they have sufficient financial resources to cover university/living costs in London for the duration of their stay before making an enquiry. We discourage short-term (1-2 months or a few weeks) exchanges since significant amount of training must be provided before you are able to participate in one of our research. Note that the group cannot accept interns from outside the UK/EU zone due to onerous visa sponsorship procedures and any enquiries will be ignored. A full transcript of results from previous exams must be included with your email enquiry. General speculative enquiries that are clearly part of a larger mailshot will also be ignored.